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Regulated vs Mechanical Mod


Regulated vs Mechanical Mod


There are several different types of regulated mods, standard voltage mods, variable voltage mods, and variable wattage mods. In this article, we will be focusing on the basics of how a regulated mod works. Regulated mods, unlike mechanical mods, have an internal circuitry.

How does a Mechanical Mod work?

Mechanical mods, or mech mods for short, are a very simple and basic mod. They have no internal wires or circuit boards, it is simply a tube (or box) that holds a battery. The top cap of the mechanical mod will make a contact with the positive side of the battery, and the bottom cap makes a contact with the negative side of the battery. Most, but not all, mechanical mods will have a locking mechanism on the bottom of the cap, to ensure that the mod won't fire when you do not mean to use it. By pushing the bottom of the mechanical mod when it is unlocked, you are pushing up the negative contact that is on the bottom cap to make a contact with the negative side of the battery. This allows the current to be pushed up through your battery into your coil, thus completing the circuit. Mech Mods should be used by individuals that have vaping experience and have a good understanding of Ohms Law and battery safety when using. The devices should also be kept away from things such as but not limited to keys, coins… anything that could cause it to make a contact with the battery and cause it to fire on its own. Tanks are not recommended to but used on a mech mod.

How does a Regulated Mod work?

There are several different types of regulated mods, standard voltage mods, variable voltage mods, and variable wattage mods. We will be focusing on the basics of how a regulated mod works. Regulated mods, unlike mechanical mods, have an internal circuitry. The appropriate circuitry allows a regulated mod to not fire a faulty battery until it melts, it will just automatically shut down if something is wrong. This makes regulated mods better for new vapers, and if you are a new vaper make sure to understand Ohms Law, and the relationship between, voltage, wattage, current and resistance.

Regulated vs Mechanical

So, which one is better? It all depends on your preference. Typically, mechanical mods are used by veteran vapers who love to customize their rebuildable atomizers because there is more freedom for custom builds. Benefits from mechanical mods include: clean and simple design, easy to use firing button, and durability. Regulated mods are typically used by less experienced vaper, or vapers who do not want to mess with custom coils, or the complexity of the mechanical mod. Benefits from regulated mods include: longer battery life, built in safety features that notify you when something isn't right, no need to rebuild coils to get a warmer and cooler vape.



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