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Why Purge Mods?


Purge Mod Turbo Distressed EditionIf you’re new to vape, you may first be asking: What is it? 

Any vape pen consists mostly of its hardware and then the vape liquid. In most vape pens and e-cigarettes, the hardware (battery, heating mechanism, tank and atomizer) doesn’t change but the liquid can. What makes Purge Vape Mods different, is that you can actually change out your hardware.

Purge Mods are a modified (hence the word ‘Mod”) mechanical vape pen. 

They are a bigger, bulkier, more complex than typical e-cigarettes. While bulkier and complex might not sound enticing, what mech mod vapes offer is customization to include certain advanced features.

These mechanical enhancements can take various forms:

  • A bigger battery to last longer.
  • A more powerful heating mechanism.
  • A higher capacity tank for more sustained use.

Whatever the enhancements are, you’re unlikely to find them in typical e-cigarettes or vape pens; only in advanced or modified models.

Why do people use Mods?

It’s all about preference. 

Some vapers find that the performance of a cig-a-like or vape pen doesn’t suit the vaping experience they desire. 

Vape Mods offer enhanced performance which allows advanced vapers to experiment.

Purge Mod Suicide King

Purge Mod Enforcer Green

Purge Mod Enforcer Black

Should I use a Vape Mod?

If you’re a long time vaper and want to try something new, a Mod can offer you options and customization that typical vapes can’t. Maybe you’ve tried various models and likes aspects of one design and other characteristics of another.

  Mods allow you to combine the components you prefer to make your ideal vaping experience.

If you’re new to vaping, Mods might not be for you. However, if you’ve been vaping for a while and know what you like, Mods are a perfect way to design your own ideal experience.

Purge Competition Mods

Purge Mod "Pandora" Edition

Purge Mods are high performance mod vape made in the Unites states. Manufactured in Orlando, FL, Purge Mods have created the high-performance mech mod and RDA combinations you’ve all been waiting for. 

With a revolutionary sleeve-top cap design, a simple battery rattle adjustment, and the flexibility to customize every aspect of your mod, Purge Mods are the ultimate build for competitors and cloud chasers.

Purge Vape Mods the Perfect Balance

Designed to perfection, Purge Mods seamlessly balance high performance and sleek aesthetics, combining original artwork from global designers with flawless threading and mechanics.

With a weighty feel, these mods offer high-end quality, strong flavours and powerful functionality.

Purge Mod Solid Silver Slam Piece #2 of 10 Hand Engraved by Matthew HagermanPurge Mod Viper 21700 Mod - Distressed ScorpionPurge Mod Viper 21700 Mod - BrassPurge Mod Back to Basics V4 Copper



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