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Make Sure Your Vape Marketing Doesn’t Target Minors


The vaping industry, unfortunately, has come under fire for using vape marketing to target teens. With the use of colorful ads, youthful looking models, and appealing to teens’ sense of vanity, it’s no wonder why 3.6 million minors today vape. We in the vaping industry want to change that. Here are some ways to avoid accidentally marketing to minors.

Avoid an ambiguous message

When it comes to vape marketing, it’s important to be specific about your intended message and, thus, who your audience is. Avoid messages with subject matter—such as popularity—that would appeal to teens. According to VOX.com, marketing campaigns for products such as Juul have included “thinly veiled promise of beauty and popularity, mirroring the ads made by cigarette companies decades ago.” Avoiding any ambiguity will help your vape marketing efforts in the long run.

Avoid marketing candy-flavored vape juice

As a vape company, you’re always wanting to introduce new and tasty vape juices to your consumers. Unfortunately, marketing these juices can easily target teens. According to Hillel Alpert, a researcher at the Harvard School of Public Health, says “tobacco companies are still targeting youth in the U.S. As recently as 2005 R. J. Reynolds was adding flavors—such as orange-mint, chocolate and vanilla—to its Camel cigarettes to increase their appeal to youth and first-time smokers.”

Be careful with social media

With 88% of Facebook users being between ages 18 and 29, using social media to market vaping products can become a slippery slope. For companies like Juul that claim to not market to kids, their earlier ads say otherwise. According to Vox.com, “Juul hired social media influencers — people with large followings on Instagram — to promote its products. It created hashtags — #juul, #juulvapor, #switchtojuul, #vaporized — that the influencers blasted out to their followings, often featuring images of young people Juuling, or doing tricks or jokes with their device.”

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