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Marketing Your Vape Store Locally: What You Need to Know


While there’s something nice about not having to leave the house to get your vape supplies, there's something comforting about going into a vape shop and experiencing the smells for yourself. You can speak directly to the employees to learn about the latest and greatest in vaping. However, that can only work effectively if your marketing strategy includes a way that locals can easily find you.

Here are some of the things you need to know to attract local consumers to your store.

Start by claiming your Google business listing. You’re bypassing a lot of free local business marketing if you haven't claimed your listing on Google Business. When creating your listing, be sure to include the following:

  • Name of your business
  • Full contact information
  • Address of your shop
  • Hours of operation
  • Photos of your business

When finished, add your business to as many other search engine commercial listings as possible.

Include a map for your business on your website. Customers and search engines looking to find your vape shop will like the fact that your location is included on your website. Use Google maps to add a page to your site so people can get directions to your shop quickly and easily.

Nurture partnerships. Find other businesses in the area that share common customers with your vape shop. Consider something along the lines of a local wine shop or liquor store.The two of you can then feature the other's business on your individual websites.

Socialize. Start by selecting anywhere from one to three social media sites that your customers are likely to frequent. Make profiles on each of those sites including the same information you have on your website. With it, you can brand your business, so everything appears the same on both sites.

Brand your business. Identify what values your vape shop want to be recognized for. Train your employees to value your brand as well. Branding builds recognition and trust.

Request testimonials. The more testimonials you collect, the higher you'll rank on search engines.Today’s customers review testimonials before they make a decision to buy.You can create a page on your website where people can leave testimonials quickly and easily and then feature them on social media.

Get involved in your own community. There are typically networking opportunities in any town. Consider sponsoringa local sports team or event - it's a great way to do something good for your community while boosting your brand awareness.

Modern Vapor Company offers a collection of some of the most innovative products on the market and makes them available to you at affordable prices. Contact us today for more information and check out the store!

With a little local marketing, your business will become successful in no time. To learn more about starting your own vape business, keep returning to read our blog.



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