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​Emerging Trends in the Vape Industry

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The vape industry is continually evolving and growing, and many of these changes are due to consumer demand. To accommodate the needs of the masses, manufacturers have begun to introduce products that better fit their consumer’s lifestyles. This has helped change the way many perceive the vape industry as a whole. Some of these innovations include more durable vaping products and better variety of juice flavors. Check out the full list of emerging trends below.

More vape juice flavors

For those who love variety, vape companies are introducing more “sweet treat” vape flavors such as cookies, cereal, vanilla, caramel and more. In an effort to help change the perception of vaping as a healthier alternative, companies are using vegetable glycerin in juice products. Vegetable glycerin is thicker in consistency and sweeter tasting. Many vape juice products are made with about 70% of vegetable glycerin content. Gone are the days of strictly menthol flavored vape juice.

More durable e-cigs

With vaping becoming increasingly more prevalent, manufacturers are working to produce more durable and high-end e-cigs that perform better than the standard ones most people start with. Many companies are also noticing that consumers are looking for devices that are smaller, more compact and are customizable.

Varying levels of nicotine content

Another trend in the vape industry is varying degrees of nicotine content in each product. As mentioned above, consumers are looking for products that are customizable and fit their lifestyles. Now, its more common to find juice flavors with little to no nicotine, which (contrary to popular belief) makes vaping safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. This is also making it easier for consumers to quit smoking or transition off of nicotine more easily.

Better vape mods

In 2019, companies are working to fix challenges with vape mods such as durability, compatibility, and ohms. Vape mods were limited in their compatibility just a year ago. Now, however, manufacturers are working on more durable designs, tanks with larger capacities and more effective atomizers.

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