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Best Selling Vape Flavors


Consumers’ loyalty to a brand is essential to that brands success. So, it’s important to cater to what the consumer wants, which means offering products such as e-juices that keep them coming back. The quest for the perfect e-juice flavor can be a long and tiring one, but luckily, we’ve created a list of some of the best-selling vape flavors on the market today.

Fruit flavors

Fruit flavors are classics in the vape industry, so it’s no surprise that LA-based mixer Cutwood’s most popular flavor is a creamy strawberry infused e-liquid called Unicorn Milk. With such a mythical name, who wouldn’t want to try this? This flavor offers a blend of four different creams alongside a natural strawberry.

Another great fruit flavor comes from west coast company Naked 100. They have an impressive line-up of e-juices including one of their most popular – Hawaiian Pog. This e-juice has a blend of pineapple, orange, and guava for a fruity refreshing flavor.

Dessert flavors

Texas-based mixer Suicide Bunny is the maker of Mother’s Milk. This e-liquid is a rich, creamy, and smooth custardy dessert flavor with sweet strawberry on the exhale. Some vapers have even noticed the touches of spice.

Found in 2014, Beard Vape Co. has garnered attention with their line-up of e-juices with numbers for names. Apart of that line-up is their most popular flavor No. 32, which is a nostalgia-inducing funnel cake e-juice flavor.

I Love Cookies is Mad Hatter’s entry into the dessert flavored e-juices. Obviously, the name is pretty self-explanatory. And if you’re really looking to sate your sweet tooth, you can pair this with another of their e-juice flavors called I Love Donuts.

Shurb is Chicago mixer Jimmy the Juice Man’s most popular e-juice flavor. It’s a blend of raspberry, lime, and orange with tons of sugary sweetness to boot. This flavor aims to offer a taste of your favorite sherbet ice cream in e-liquid form.

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