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4 Tips for Stealth Vaping


As a veteran vapor, you’re probably used to stares you get when you’re vaping or people avoiding the “toxic” fumes produced. For those just starting out, you may be looking to avoid the inevitable negativity you’ll receive for “being just like a traditional smoker.” While we know smoking and vaping are very different, you may be looking to vape without the judgmental glances. Check out our tips below for how to stealthily vape like a boss.

Get a smaller device

Obviously, if you’re carrying around a bulky vaporizer, you call much more attention to yourself and vaping. If you’re looking to minimize that attention, get a smaller device. According to Migvapor.com, “Some people may not even notice you’re smoking something if you’re using a cig-a-like or a portable vape pen. There are even some vaporizers on the market that look like everyday objects, so people don’t look twice at them.”

Use more subtle flavors

Menthol and tobacco flavors only helps to perpetuate the negative connotation that vaping and traditional smoking are one in the same. Try choosing flavors that are more natural smelling, like citrus, cheery, or even cookies are much less conspicuous. With these scents being so commonplace, people may think that last place that smell could have come from is your vaporizer.

Don’t call attention to it

If you’re trying to hide that fact that you vape, it’s a good idea to avoid calling attention to yourself by acting suspicious. Believe it or not, the best way to be stealthier about vaping is just act normally. For instance, try incorporating vaping into your normal routine at work. If you were never one be away from your desk often to smoke or vape, try to keep doing that.

Try to minimize the amount of cloud produced

Even the smallest of vaporizers with low power can create an ample amount of cloud. If you’re really trying to conceal your vaping from prying eyes, you can use a few techniques to dissipate the cloud either before or during exhalation. One way to reduce the size of your clouds is to hold the vapor in your mouth for longer. At that point, the vapor will have condensed in your lungs and you can exhale out your nose.

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