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4 Reasons to Switch to Vaping in 2019


4 Reasons to Switch to Vaping in 2019

2019 is the year you should start making a change: Ditch the cigarettes and switch to vaping! Believe it or not, switching to vaping can actually be a lot of fun. And, as we all know, if something is fun or enjoyable, you’re more likely to stick with it, and the transition is much smoother.

Below are four reasons why you need to switch to vaping in the new year.

1.Vaping is about as effective as the patch when quitting smoking

According to a 2014 study, “…the UK indicates that using vapor technology as a tobacco harm reduction tool improves a smoker’s chances of long-term smoking abstinence by as much as 50 percent compared to other nicotine replacement therapies or NRTs.” This idea of substitution therapy seems to ease the stress and anxiety that quitting smoking cold turkey can cause.

2.Vaping communities exist to support you

There’s a community for just about everything. Why should vaping be any different? Vaping communities are great places to receive support from likeminded people who are in the same boat as you. Instead of complaining about life without smoking, mood swings and irritability that comes with quitting smoking, these communities provide valuable information about other alternative products you can try; they allow you to ask questions without the fear of feeling clueless; and you can meet newbie and veteran vapers.

3.Vaping is cheaper than smoking

I’m sure that’s not news to veteran vapers. What may be shocking is that many traditional smokers are spending up to $13 per cigarette pack. According to Vapes.com, “Compared to smoking, vaping is dirt cheap. A bottle of e-liquid can go for about $10 and last for a week or more depending on how much you vape. Your first vape pen might only cost $20, which means that for the price of a few packs of cigarettes, you’ve already set yourself up for an enjoyable and healthier week of vaping.”

4.Experiment with multiple vape flavors

With names like cotton candy, root beer, and chocolate-covered strawberry, it’s no wonder why vapers are always so excited to try a new e-liquid flavor. Obviously, with cigarettes, you don’t get the same luxury. According to Vapes.com,“If a vaper happens to run out of their favorite brand of juice, they tend to view this as an opportunity to try something new and exciting.” Trust us, trying new flavors is never boring.

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