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4 Purge Mod Designs (Cuz lookin’ good is half the fun)


Do you vape?

Yes? Keep reading.

Do you like to try new things?

Sure you do- variety is the spice of life, after all.

Do you want your vape to express your vibe?

Yep, I thought so.

If you’re an advanced vaper and want to customize your components and your style, Purge mod vapes are for you.

What is a Purge Mod?

Purge Mods are a high performance modifiable (hence ‘Mod’) vape with a sleeve-top cap design and the flexibility to customize every piece of your vape. Purge Mods are the ultimate vape experience for anyone who wants high-performance and style.

Aesthetics matter.

That’s why Purge Mods come in a variety of designs. Here’s a look at what looks are in for Purge Mods.


These pieces have a classic look with a modern twist. (Pun intended). In a variety of colors, lengths and finishes, the Twiztid line of Purge Mod Vapes blends the a bold spiral pattern with subtle embellishment. A great piece for a bold but sophisticated look.


Want a splash of color without going overboard?

The splatter line provides just that. These designs are a mix of camouflage and modern art: a natural palette of green, brown and black, splattered like paint on canvas.

A bold look.

Engraved Art Brass

If you appreciate art and intricate handiwork, you will love these engraved brass designs. The polished brass gives these pieces a sleek shiny finish with edgy detailed patterns.


Is classic and sophisticated more your thing? Purge Mod’s Distressed designs may be more your style.The styles are more geometric and polished, portraying a masculine, polished vibe. If slick look appeals to you, one of these might be your mod.

Whatever your style, Purge mods offers enough variety to find something to suit any vaper. Enhancing both performance and look for the ultimate vaping experience.

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