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3 Vaping Pros to Shut Down the Haters


You’ve probably heard the the cons that accompany vaping, e-cigs and the like. We’re sure your eyes are tired of rolling everytime you hear something disparaging about vaping or that you’re a ozone-killing deviant. We know you love the environment just as much as we do, so don’t let miseducation deter you. Drop a little knowledge about vaping using the information below to shut down the haters.

Vaping is eco-friendly

Of course, criticizers of traditional smoking will constantly bring up the fact that any type of smoke that contains nicotine is killing our ecosystem. It definitely doesn’t help that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to champion campaigns to eradicate the entire vaping industry in America. Cigarette butts are the main cause of litter with a whopping 4 million butts thrown away every year. Because butts are non-existent with vaping and e-cigs, you’re not contributing to the litter.

Vaping is safer than smoking

95% safer, in fact. According to research and scientists around the world have already proven that vaping is as much as 95% less harmful than smoking. However, despite evidence by highly reputable agencies such as Public Health England, the FDA is dead set on demonizing vaping and refuses to endorse e-cigs as a smoking cessation tool to this very day.

Research shows that e-cigarette vapor is a diffused gas substance that uses a lower temperature to condense flavored vape juice. Whereas cigarette smoke is heated at a much higher temperature leading to the complete combustion of the tobacco. This process emits smoke into the air.

Vaping is butt- and tobacco-free

As I’m sure you know, a significant portion of the vaping community is comprised of former smokers. And as a former smoker, you understand the almost reflexive move of flicking your cigarette butt without even knowing it half the time. According to Vapes.com, “Switching to vaping alleviates this ecologically invasive problem of discarded butts. A single 100-milliliter bottle of e-liquid can be the equivalent of perhaps 80-100 cigarettes butts…maybe more.”

Vaping is also tobacco-free, which means that the vapers never inhale the cancer-causing tar and other chemicals that are only found in the smoke of burned tobacco leaves through the aforementioned butts.

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