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10 Proven Marketing Channels to Promote Your Vape Shop Online


marketing channels

The vape industry is thriving, and demand is not likely to fade away soon with bans on smoking that are happening across the world. If you sell e-liquids or e-cigarettes online, you know that the competition can be ruthless.

Possibly the biggest issue in the industry is not the various laws regulating it, but the inability to post Facebook ads and conduct paid searches for vapes and associated products.

Following is a list of substitutes for paid search that work particularly well for the vape industry.

Marketing channels for vape industry

Organic Search: If you can’t pay to advance in FB feeds and searches, you should heavily optimize your online store to rank in organic searches.Alternating keywords to cover every possible search might work, but keyword-stuffing category names or duplicate categories hurts the shopping experience.

Reddit Groups For Vapers: It turns out that vaping is a favorite pastime for Redditors.Something like aweekly giveaway can help a lot when launching a new store or product.

Company Pages on Facebook: You can have a company page on Facebook. Posts and content are still allowed. People are there for fun, and they engage best with brands and content that are connected to their interests and hobbies.

Facebook Groups Specifically For Vapers: Facebook hasn’t yet barred groups who discuss vaping.And many groups are specific to an area, so you can touch your target audience effortlessly.

Publications for the Vaping Industry: There are vape publications with a mission to bring the community together both offline and online. They typically have a large influence over their readers and allow advertising.

Review Sites for Vaping: There are numerous vape review sites and many products that provide enough review material to last for two lifetimes.You can place your products on there in many different ways, usually by sending them products for review.

YouTube Reviews: Vaping on camera attracts viewers, so there’s a chance to be on YouTube.Similar to how review sites work, you send them your products to try and hope for positive reviews from professional vapers.

The Quit-Smoking Niche: Smokers who want to quit need to know that vaping can help them.You can join the conversation on various channels such as YouTube, Quora, FB, etc. and communicate the benefits of vaping over smoking.

Tried and True Email Marketing: Email marketing is one outlet that converts most often when the best practices are followed. To get people to subscribe for your emails, try offering giveaways, discounts, a community membership, or new product introductions in exchange for email addresses.

Vape-Industry Tradeshows: Expos provide a great opportunity to present your best-selling products. You can also see what the competition is doing and connect with tricksters, marketplaces, and influencers.

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